Welcome to your on-line laboratory

This is the portion of the web site devoted to the review and application of biological concepts, utilizing materials similar to those that you would use in a traditional laboratory session.  Although we cannot provide a hands-on laboratory experience, we will do our best to familiarize you with the basic equipment used in the campus laboratories through use of videos, photographs and animations. One benefit of the internet approach is that we can cover a wider range of lab activities and can spend more time refining your understanding of major concepts than is possible in a traditional laboratory setting. Each weekly online laboratory contains problem-solving activities and an assignment that further refines your understanding of concepts. Since the laboratory is entirely on-line, you can revisit the activities as often as you wish. If you need help with the laboratory assignments, contact your TA for assistance.

Contact information for your TA, Erica Sung:
Office hours by appointment, online or on campus

Activities and Assignments:

Each new assignment may be viewed on the course website Monday morning, but you should work through the "lecture" topics associated with the laboratory content before beginning the laboratory work. The laboratory exercises assume that you have mastered the main concepts of the corresponding topics. Each assignment is due before midnight on the following Sunday, providing 7 days for you to complete the work.

There is a total of 350 points (of the 900 total for the course) that can be earned through successful completion of all assignments. All assignments are worth 28 points, except for assignment 1 which is 14 points. Scores and feedback on laboratory assignments may be viewed in WebAssign by Saturday following the due date. (This gives graders 5 days to complete grading of each assignment).

Submitting an Assignment:

All laboratory assignments (homework) must be submitted through WebAssign. Each laboratory contains activities and a work sheet containing multiple parts that correspond to the questions in WebAssign. Some questions will be automatically graded by WebAssign, whereas others (such as essays) will be graded manually. In some cases, you will be asked to upload an image as your answer to a question. You may be required to perform a screen capture of a simulation or web image to demonstrate that you have completed that part of the assignment. In some cases, labeling of the images may be required. You may approach the assignment in two ways: 1) Download the work sheet and fill it out using MS word or other text application. Then paste text (or upload images) into the corresponding question on WebAssign. OR 2) Go directly to WebAssign and answer each question as directed. However, you should always download and read the worksheet, since additional information and/or hints may be provided.

Note that the automatically graded parts of the assignment will immediately be scored, but the manually graded questions will be marked as 0 until the grader has entered a score. So the WebAssign grade book may not reflect the total score of an assignment until 5 or 6 days after the due date. If you receive a score of 0 on an essay or file-upload question with no feedback, that question has not been graded.

Late policy and Academic Integrity:

Any assignment that is not submitted or is submitted more than a week late will receive a score of 0 unless a documented excuse is provided. If an assignment is 1-7 days late, 5 points will be deducted from the score (thus the maximum possible score becomes 82%). You must contact your TA and request an extension in order to submit a late assignment to WebAssign. If the key for a late assignment has been viewed before the assignment is submitted, the score will be zero.

You may work in study groups while going through the lab activities and may exchange ideas with other students about assignments. However, make sure that each submitted assignment reflects your own work. If an answer appears to have been copied word-for-word from another student, a warning will be given. A subsequent infraction by the same student(s) will result in a score of 0 for that question(s). Any further infractions will result in a score of 0 for the entire assignment. Use of websites such as Course Hero is considered cheating. If an answer appears to have been downloaded from such a site, a warning will be given. A subsequent infraction will result in a score of 0 for that question(s). Any further infractions will result in a score of 0 for the entire assignment.