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Course Syllabus

Course Format: This section of BIO 183 is web-based and will be taught as a distance education course. The course content will be presented on the internet, including outlines of the material under study, pop-up images with audio and scrolling text, and interactive links with text and accompanying images, video, or animations. The content is organized by topics that are accessed from the course schedule. It is essential that you complete the material for each topic during the week indicated on the schedule. To assure that all web pages are displayed properly, Google Chrome , Firefox or Safari are recommended as your browser. Before beginning the course, test your computer for required software.

Text Book:
A text book is not required, since most course content is on the course web site. If you wish to purchase a book anyway, the text book used by campus sections of BIO 181 and 183 is the best choice.,

Time Requirements: Plan to spend as much time working in this course as you would in a classroom-based section. In the classroom sections of BIO 183, students must be in lecture for 3 hours per week and in the laboratory for another 3 hours on most weeks. Additionally, they are expected to spend at least 2 hours per week outside of class reading the textbook assignments, studying notes, and completing laboratory assignments. So plan to spend at least 8 hours per week on this course.

Zoom Meeting Site: An on-line meeting site has been set up in Zoom for meetings with Dr. Black. The site is named "BIO 183 office hours". Online office hours will be Monday, 7:15-8:00 PM. To join a meeting, use the Zoom link in the navigation bar. You can communicate in Zoom by text or by voice. If you wish to communicate by voice, you will need a microphone or headset. If you cannot meet on Monday, another time can be set up for you in Zoom.

Quizzes and Examinations: On-line quizzes are scheduled during specific weeks as indicated on the course schedule. Each quiz will consist of 15 multiple choice questions on the topics specified in WebAssign annoucements (material covered during the last week or two). Quizzes are accessed through a link to WebAssign. Each quiz must be taken during specified week, with a 30-min time limit. You are expected to take the quizzes without aid from other students, but notes or books may be consulted during the quiz.

Three major exams plus a final exam will be given on dates indicated in the course schedule. These exams will consist of matching, short answer, and essay questions and must be taken at the DELTA testing center on Centennial Campus unless you live more than 50 miles from Raleigh. You are responsible for scheduling all exams at least one week in advance. If you live too far from Raleigh to come to campus, you can request a remote proctor for the exams. Notes are NOT allowed when taking exams.

If a quiz or exam is missed due to an unexcused absence, the score for that quiz or exam will be zero. If an absence is excused, the missed quiz or exam can be taken within a week of the original exam date. For a definition of “excused absence”, see University Attendance Regulation (REG 02.20.3). Note that I rarely give extensions for missed quizzes.

Laboratory: Official registration for BIO 183 includes registration in a laboratory section. A laboratory is scheduled for most weeks of the course, and all laboratories require the submission of an assignment through WebAssign. For detailed information about the laboratory component, see Laboratory Information. A laboratory manual is not required, since all laboratory materials are on the course website.

Academic Integrity: Students are expected to be honest when taking exams. Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a score of zero for the exam. The University policy on academic integrity can be found under Code of Student Conduct Policy (POL 11.35.1). NOTE: submission of laboratory assignments should be your own work. Use of websties such as Course Hero to download answers is considered cheating. You may consult with other students in the class while working on lab assignments, as long as you write answers in your own words and label your own images.

Grading Policy: Grades will be determined by scores on quizzes, exams, and laboratory assignments.

Quizzes on course website = 150 points (10 quizzes @ 15 points each)
Exam #1 = 100 points
Exam #2 = 100 points
Exam #3 = 100 points
Final exam = 100 points
Laboratory assignments = 350 points
Total points = 900

To calculate grades, the total number of points accumulated will be divided by 900 to give a percentage. Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

above 95% = A+
91 - 95% = A
89 - 90% = A-
87 - 88% = B+
81 - 86% = B
79 - 80% = B-
77 - 78% = C+
71 - 76% = C
69 - 70% = C-
67 - 68% = D+
61 - 66% = D
55 - 60% = D-
below 55% = F

Use of Copyrighted Materials: The materials on this course web site are only for the use of students enrolled in section 601, for purposes associated with this course. The materials may not be further disseminated or retained after the end of the course.

Course Evaluation: Online class evaluations will be available for students to complete during the last two weeks of class. You will receive an email message directing you to a website where you can login using your Unity ID and complete the evaluation. All evaluations are confidential; instructors will never know how any one student responded to any question, and students will never know the ratings for any particular instructors.