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How Do Fungal Cells Differ From Those Of Other Eukaryotes?

  • Fungi comprise a third kingdom of eukaryotic organisms.

    • Most fungi are multicellular, but cells within their hyphae are not always well-defined.

    • Yeasts are single-celled fungi that reproduce by budding.

  • Some fungi can produce ATP under anaerobic conditions.

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What Are the Protista?

  • The Protista are a group of kingdoms that have not been fully classified.

  • Animal-like protista are mostly single-celled organisms.

    • They typically have a complex cellular structure.

    • Some even have chloroplasts and can acquire food through heterotrophic or autotrophic means.

  • Plant-like protista all have chloroplasts and are collectively called algae.

  • Fungal-like protista include two types of very strange organisms called slime molds.

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