Which Organic Molecules Are Important For Life?

1. List the 4 major groups of organic molecules that are important for life and give the main function(s) of each; for molecules that are composed of monomers, name the general type of monomer.

2. List 2 disaccharides that are important food sources for humans and indicate the monomers present in each.

3. Name and describe the 4 types of complex carbohydrates and indicate where each is found.

4. List the 3 major classes of lipids; describe the general structure of each, and indicate the main function of each in living organisms.

5. Compare saturated, unsaturated, and trans fats regarding their chemical structure, foods in which they are found, and effect on health.

6. List several types of steroids that are important to humans; what are anabolic steroids and how have they been misused? (see reading assignment)

7. Describe the general structure of an amino acid; how can amino acids form so many types of proteins?

8. Define the term polypeptide chain; how is a peptide bond formed?

9. Distinguish between the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of a protein; which of these contribute most to the 3-dimensional structure of proteins?

10. Describe what happens to the structure and function of a protein when it is denatured; what are some causes of denaturation?

11. Describe the general structure of a nucleotide and explain now nucleotides are joined to form a nucleic acid.

12. Compare the general structure of DNA vs. RNA; how are the nucleic acid strands held together in DNA?

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